Thetis Island Marina Pub

Thetis Island Marina had it’s beginnings in 1940, when a building was floated down the bay, dragged up above the high water mark and became the original store. A house was built about the same time, and was the owner residence for many years. As time went on, additions and renovations changed the  original structures into what we have today, going from Cassidy’s General Store and Post Office to a restaurant, and then in 1986, with the arrival of expo in Vancouver, a pub license was obtained.

Much of the present structure has been replaced or constructed during the tenure of Paul Deacon who has owned the marina for 20 years. Following a 30 year stint as a fighter pilot in the RCAF, Paul took on the marina in 1993. The complex now includes the pub, a family restaurant section, a liquor store, post office and convenience store along with docks, fuel dispensing facilities, propane dispensing facilities, outside barbecue and recreation areas.

The main building housing the pub is divided into two distinct parts; one is the pub proper with outside deck area for those 19 years of age or older. Beside that is a full family restaurant section with it’s own deck area, open to all ages, and offering all services. There are two televisions available with satellite feed for those needing a sports or news update. There are washrooms in the pub building, for pub and restaurant patrons, while boaters have washrooms, showers etc available in a separate building located behind the pub.

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Mornings are best when relaxing on a sunny deck!   

A great place for that cup of steaming hot coffee, while you let the day unfold.  

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Mornings are the time for coffee

outside pub

Thetis Island Pub and Restaurant

We enjoy our morning coffee too! We have freshly brewed drip coffee always available.

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